Exclusive NY Habitational Product

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Exclusive NY Habitational Product

  • 5 units or more
  • Frame and Frame row accepted
  • With or Without Mercantile
  • Mercantile with cooking and Auto garages acceptable
  • Any Form or Ownership (individual, LLC, estates, trusts, corps, etc.)
  • Immediate Quote and Bind Capabilities
  • 10% Commission on New & Renewal Business
  • Agency Bill
  • Protection Classes 1-8 are eligible
  • All Construction Types are eligible
  • Building must be built within the last 35 years or have been fully updated within the past 25
  • Wind/Hail is excluded within 3 miles of the coast with varying deductibles when it is included based off of construction type and the Wind Score from Riskmeter
  • Max height of 4 stories (we can refer for exception on taller buildings)

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